BACK IN ACTION! (Sort of) (new server)

It's 2015, and though we're still not able to commit full time, we do have a few things in development. For starters, the long lost "Hungry Stinker" is very much back in development, and will be ready soon. email beta@lethalmartinigames if you are interested in trying it out on Android, iOS or Windows.

We're working on a retro - pixelly game with a naturally enflamed kitty (sounds painful, but he's like that naturally, so no worries!). It will have essentially two games in it, a playforming puzzler and a runner. More details to come.

We've also started dabbling in VERY rudimentary 3D again, and might be doing a simple little retro-shooter. Or maybe a puzzler. Haven't decided yet.

Progress will be slow because this is still just a past-time now, but thanks for checking us out! Check back from time to time...