KOHO Blackjack
Sorry, not currently available.
Need to dig out the old code, update it, and recompile for Windows...

Nothing to unlock. No weird monetary system. No in-game purchases.
Just Blackjack.

KOHO Blackjack is just a straightforward Blackjack game that lets YOU decide what is going on at the table!

Pick how many players are at the table, what position you are sitting at, standard table rules...
all the usual stuff PLUS:

Select number of decks
Select deck penetration
Select bet limits
Choose specific rules like resplitting, doubling after split, etc.
Choose the delay between dealt cards
Pick how your chips are displayed
Turn off the thing that shows your hand count
(Great for practicing card counting - keep track of the count while still needing to add up the cards yourself without the game's help!!)

KOHO Blackjack - Credits

KOHO Blackjack, (C) KOHO Games, 2013

Game Concept/Design/Testing/
Graphics/Programming: Paul Klimek

KOHO Blackjack - The Future