BACK IN ACTION! (A little more...)

Its 2024, and although LMG is not rocking full time due to the obsessive hold game development takes on time and livelihood, there has been some slight dabbling here and there. In actuality, this is just me deciding that there are games written, and thus they should be accessible.

Inferno Kitty, a 2-in-1 retro pixelly platforming puzzler and runner with a naturally enflamed kitty (sounds painful, but he's like that naturally, so no worries!) is now available for download! It is not exactly what you would call complete (the puzzle levels just kind of run out when you reach the last one, and drop to the blank template), but its here to download. It does have an auto-update checker, so if I do get around to finishing it, you'll know as soon as you go to play.

Hungry Stinker, the skunky puzzle game that came and went after my source code was carelessly eaten, is completely re-written and back up for Windows.

As always, progress will be slow because this is decidedly nothing more than a hobby now, but thanks for checking us out! Check back from time to time...